We are one of the largest

wholesalers in  Polish mobile phone accessories market

From the beginning we are targeted on continual development and expansion on the home and foreign market.

Partner Tele.com in essense.

Partner Tele.com general partnership is one of the largest wholesalers in Polish mobile phone accessories market and the undisputed leader in  Malopolska region.

With a young staff, our company is growing rapidly, winning new customers in Poland and whole Europe. We import and distribute GSM accessories in Poland and abroad. As well as our own brands such as Blue Star, Blue Star Premium, Chic and Forcell, we also offer original accessories from internationally recognised companies (Krusell, Jabra). We are the general distributor for Campa – the largest Polish producer of satin mobile phone cases.
We welcome wholesale customers such as chain stores and other retail outlets. Our goal is to provide you with a wide range of high-quality accessories – both standard and customised to meet your individual needs.

Partner Tele.com mission

Partner Tele.com priority is clients' satisfaction, therefore the most important thing for our experts is individual approach to customers.

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Partner Tele.com offer.

We are the direct importer of all the products we offer. Our Customers can be sure that they are buying goods at first hand. Our suppliers are the best from the Far East – Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and China, all of which we have checked out personally.

Our experience from years of cooperation with Asian companies is one of our main assets and makes us efficient negotiators. Thanks to that we are able to offer you unusually low prices and a wide range of products.

The quality of items we sell is controlled directly at our suppliers’ premises. We visit factories and manufacturers, inspect their offers and choose the best ones for our customers. Every item goes through stringent, multi-phase quality tests.
Most of our suppliers have assured quality certificates. We choose the optimal delivery means, according to our customers’ current requirements.

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Our quality policy.

Partner Tele.com points to quality as the fundamental factor in maintaining customer trust, and advantage over competition. We guarantee the highest quality design and ergonomics of our products.

Thanks to our Integrated Company Management System – class ERP – we can respond immediate response on customers needs. It also helps us continually keep improving our processes of goods distribution and customer service.

The skill and energy of our highly-qualified professionals guarantee the quality objectives of Partner Tele.com.


Certificates and agreement claim.

Carying about Your satisfaction we pay a huge attention to the quality of our products, therefore they are subjected to neccesary tests and systematic laboratory research. All our products have got appropriate certificates and agreement claims. Our concern is to offer the contrahents accessories which comply with the quality and security standards.

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